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Little Livewires Newsletter_ Temperament Help is on the Way — All Trash 2022-09-20 16-47-4

September 2022

Hey, Tired Parent of a Non-Stop, Non-Sleeping Child:
This newsletter is for you.

If you are a parent of a little one who is juuust a notch or two outside the temperament norm for their age, I know that you can feel pretty alone in your parenting journey. How often have you already wondered what other parents do to have a child who plays contentedly in their highchair? or who can sit quietly in a carrier while mom gets her hair cut? Or who can be laid down awake and just…falls….asleep (What is this magic?).

Then there’s always “that friend” whose three-month-old is already sleeping through the night while you get barely two hours before you’re up again. It’s a brutal truth that your road as a parent of a livewire is harder, less well-marked, and has fewer rest stops. While you may feel like you’re the only one on this road, you are definitely not…at all. I talk to hundreds of parents a month and they end up saying a lot of the same things:

  • “This is not what I thought it would be.”

  • “There’s so… much… crying” (your baby, but also you).

  • “I’m beyond exhausted.”

  • “My child isn’t like other children (or even like the other children I have).”

  • “It’s just a lot.”

  • “I worry that I just suck at parenting.” 

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