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Unlike traditional cry-it-out or Ferber-oriented sleep training, this approach (as pioneered by Kim West LCSW-C) gradually scaffolds sleep skills without having to leave them alone to cry. I mean, no one's learning anything when they're hysterical.


A gradual sleep training approach allows you to stay with your child and gradually wean down what you do to help. The process takes everyone's strengths and challenges into account.  


  • It's tolerable for both the child and the parent

  • It's do-able. There's no "talking yourself into it."

  • It really works even for bright, intense, persistent kiddos

  • It's customizable to fit your unique family and goals

There is an alternative to "crying it out"

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A gradual approach  can really work!

Even when nothing else has....

Working with me...

I am currently not taking one-on-one clients for full coaching packages. 

Book a
one-hour call ($125). This includes the one-hour Zoom call, and an emailed written summary/plan after the call. The link will allow you to book and pay. [PLEASE NOTE: This is for children 6mos - 5yrs.]
     If you want follow-up support after the call, I can refer you to trained, certified Gentle Sleep Coach colleagues.

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Online courses are coming!!!

I'm currently creating short, self-paced courses meant to help walk you through the elements of sleep and where things get sticky with livewires so that you can bust through some of those stubborn issues. A 1-hour crash course coming SOON!

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