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Sleep Q & A:

Answers from a Gentle Sleep Coach

Young woman with a phone looking confused

Why are we supposed to wait until 6 months to work on sleep? All the books say 3-4 months.

Young infant looking suprised

My little one just will never nap. I keep watching for sleepy cues during the day, but naps are either short or non-existent.

Infant peeking over a blanket

My livewire falls asleep really fast at bedtime but then wakes up a lot and needs so much help getting back to sleep. Why is that?

Couple in hiking gear looking shocked

The first night of working on sleep was a nightmare. I didn’t even try for a second night. Help.

Couple in white t-shirts looking perplexed

I know I need to stop [insert sleep-inducing behavior here] to sleep, but how do I DO that exactly?

Black couple with glasses looking surprised

I tried staying with my child on the first night of sleep training and he/she cried even though I was right there. What happened?

New parent couple looking exhausted

My little one is waking up at 5am. Helllppp!

Young Asian girl on a bed looking surprised

My livewire is two and I think they’ll sleep better in a toddler bed. What do you think?

Young blond baby looking surprised

My one-year-old is definitely going into the crib awake – his eyes are always open when I put him in there…but he’s still waking at night. What’s going on?

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