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Why are we supposed to wait until six months to work on sleep? All the books say 3- to 4 months.

My answer: 

"Super good question. I’ve looked at all of the research that sleep books are supposedly based on and there’s literally no research on the need or benefit of sleep training before six months (we’re talking about actual sleep training with delays in responding). Virtually all the research on crying-it-out has been done on babies over six months, toddlers, and preschoolers. The work that was done on babies under six months involved only tiny delays in responding, plus a ton of other strategies, as well as support. In these studies, changes were very small and often didn’t last.

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At six months, sleep becomes more organized. The four-month regression has also settled down, and babies have a few more skills they can use for self-soothing. (We’re going to talk about self-soothing in a later newsletter). After six months, it’s easier to make progress on sleep because babies have more infrastructure for it. The idea that it’s harder if you wait is…well, honestly just made up by sleep book authors. There’s no research that has ever looked at this question."🔅

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