A gradual sleep training approach (as pioneered by Kim West LCSW-C) gradually scaffolds sleep skills without having to leave them alone to cry. I mean, no one's learning anything when they're hysterical.


A gradual sleep training approach allows you to stay with your child and gradually wean down what you do to help. The process takes everyone's strengths and challenges into account. This is anything BUT "one size fits all." 


  • It's tolerable for both the child and the parent

  • It's do-able. There's no "talking yourself into it."

  • It really works even for bright, intense, persistent kiddos

  • It's customizable to fit your unique family and goals

What is "A Gradual approach to sleep"
and how does it work?

fussy baby

A gradual approach really works!

Even when nothing else has....

Please note...

As of April 2022, I can only do a limited number of client packages. You can book a phone call to find out about my availability. If I'm not available, I can refer you to coaches who have had additional training in working with livewires.

PLEASE NOTE: This is for children 6mos - 5yrs and right now, only in the US/Canada.

neurodivergent child