My approach (as trained by Kim West LCSW-C) gradually scaffolds your child's sleep skills without having to leave them alone to cry. I mean, no one's learning anything when they're hysterical.


A Gentle approach allows you to stay with your child and gradually wean down what you do to help. The process takes everyone's strengths and challenges into account. This is anything BUT "one size fits all." 


  • It's tolerable for both the child and the parent

  • It's do-able. There's no "talking yourself into it."

  • It really works even for bright, intense, persistent kiddos

  • It's customizable to fit your unique family and goals

What is

"gentle Sleep coaching"

and how does it work?

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A gradual approach really works!

Even when nothing else has....


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Just a phone call --- $50

(Under 6-months.): Sometimes, you just have a quick question. Or want to have a little input. We can have a 30-minute call. While we don't really start intervening until closer to 6-months, there are things that are helpful to know for younger infants.


  • A short, pre-call assessment

  • 30-minute phone call

  • Does not include a plan or written summary

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The whole shebang --- $425

(6-months-5 years): The full sleep coaching package gives you a fully-tailored plan and two-weeks of daily email check-ins and feedback. As well as up to two short phone calls.


  • Sleep Assessment

  • Temperament Assessment

  • One-hour game plan strategy session

  • Written Plan of Action

  • Three weeks of unlimited email follow-up plus up to three short phone calls.

Sleep game Plan Only ----- $225

(For children 6-months-5 years): This plan contains the main building blocks for success and gives you a clear, tailored strategy for improving sleep for everyone. (A follow-up package is recommended so you can have support while you implement your strategies) 


  • Sleep Assessment

  • Temperament Assessment

  • One-hour game plan strategy session

  • Written Plan of Action

  • Does not include follow-up support

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Additional Follow-ups

Follow-up allows for frequent check-ins, giving you validation and feedback. (You don't get this from books!) Feedback can be the secret sauce in helping you stay consistent so that you can see results.


  • Email follow-up with review of previous night's sleep behavior

  • Short 20-minute phone call (1 per week of follow-up) 

One-Week Package ----  $100

Two-Week Package ----  $170

Additional Weeks ---- $75/week (add-on only)