Have you tried EVERYTHING
to get sleep
and it hasn't all?

Couple in love with dark skin awoke late

Take a breath, tired mamas and papas. It's probably not your fault.

It might be TEMPERAMENT.

Does any of this sound like your child?

Big feelings? (Intensity)

Energizer Bunny? (Active)

Serious FOMO? (Alert)

Doesn't miss a thing? (Perceptive)

Never gives up? (Persistent)

Super light sleeper? (Sensory Sensitive)

Not a self-soother? (Reactive)

Goes from zero to sixty? (Intense)

if so, sleep books weren't written for you

I'm Macall Gordon, M.A.

Because of my experience as a mom of TWO livewires (who never, ever slept as babies), I really, really know what it's like to have a child who is just MORE.


As a researcher and sleep coach, I've worked with so many parents in the same boat and I know they absolutely require a different approach to sleep .


I have sleep strategies that work with  temperament—not against it—to get everyone
(yes, you, you exhausted mamas and papas) more sleep. It IS possible. 

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Do you already know that crying-it-out won’t work for your child?

Are you worried that maybe
nothing will?

My research has shown that parents of alert/sensitive children try more things for sleep with less success. Livewire children protest more and for longer than mellower kiddos and their parents are exhausted.

I know that sleep solutions aren’t as simple as “just let them cry.” I work exclusively with this group of children and their tired parents. I know how to balance everyone’s bandwidth for change while we create new patterns for sleep.

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I can help you get some control over sleep (seriously).


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I was so lost, I just needed someone to reassure and guide me and offer me support along the way. I am so glad I took a chance, [My baby] is still sleeping 9+ hours at night and I am regaining my sanity! And I am able to do so much more during the day, so much more productive because I am rested. So, thank you! Thank you more than I can say. I am a believer and I will be telling anyone who wants to know that they need to try this method. 

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Our nighttimes have improved so drastically it took week or two for us to even get used to all the sleep we were getting! He went from loooooong, sad, inconsolable wakings, to sleeping completely through the night 99% of the time. In the rare even he does wake during the night he's fussed for a few minutes and put himself right back to sleep. He's learned to sleep properly and clearly, he's a happier, healthier kiddo as a result. We're simply over the moon with his improvement.

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Before sleep coaching, we were at our wits' ends trying to manage a chronically exhausted 18-month-old, leaving the entire family barely able to function during our waking hours. After only a week and a half of working with Macall, our bedtime routine went from an hour of heartbreaking tears to a kid that now kisses us goodnight and puts himself to sleep. His overnight routine of waking inconsolable—and staying awake often for 2 or more hours—has vanished into thin air and my whole family is sleeping through the night. Nap times went from me pacing the house with him while running the vacuum cleaner for up to an hour (yes, really), to putting him down in his crib and walking away. Macall's knowledge, patience, communication, and easy to follow steps have changed our family's lives.

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