Have you tried EVERYTHING
to get sleep
and it hasn't all?

high needs baby

Take a breath, tired mamas and papas. It's probably not your fault.

If sleep training has been a total fail,
it might be TEMPERAMENT.

Does any of this sound like your child?

Big feelings? (Intensity)

Energizer Bunny? (Active)

Serious FOMO? (Alert Baby)

Doesn't miss a thing? (Perceptive)

Never gives up? (Persistent)

Super light sleeper? (Sensory Sensitive)

Not a self-soother? (Reactive)

if so, the popular sleep books weren't written for you

I'm Macall Gordon, M.A.

Because of my experience as a mom of TWO livewires (who never, ever slept as babies), I really, really know what it's like to have a child who is just MORE. I call these active little ones "alert babies". 


As a researcher and sleep coach, I've worked with so many parents in the same boat and I know they absolutely require a different approach to sleep .

You need strategies that work with temperament—not against it—to get everyone (yes, you, exhausted mamas and papas) more sleep. It IS possible. 

On this site, you will find articles, research, and other helpful resources to get more sleep and maybe just a teeny bit of reassurance that you are doing all you can to keep up with your little livewire. Good job, you.

macall gordon alert baby


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Do you already know that crying-it-out won’t work for your child?

Are you worried that maybe
nothing will?

My research has shown that parents of livewires try more sleep strategies with less success. Livewires protest more and for longer than mellower kiddos and their parents are exhausted.

I know that crying it out doesn't work for most of these kiddos (or their parents).
Livewires need an approach that's somewhere
in between cry-it-out and gut-it-out.

alert baby

Get my "Livewire Temperament Checklist" to find out how temperament might be why sleep is so hard for your little one.